Zeus from Wildboys Italy

Zeus from WildBoys


Zeus and his crew this year have been pushing it very hard. WB in my opinion are a very strong crew which focusing on a way of lettering which screams out the meaning of real graffiti letters. Taking Naples and the rest of the world by storm, Zeus has been painting for over a decade and the level that WildBoys are hitting makes it really exciting to see what they have to offer in 2012. Zeus kindly gave Keyseventeen.com his time to answer a few brief questions.



Firstly how would you describe you and your crews work?

I can’t describe our works but I can explain to you which is our “scope”. We would like to paint innovative graffiti but always related to the roots of this culture, something to new and old at the same time…a kind of “new old school”, regarding the lettering and the coloring and above all the way that we make our pieces.



It seems you and the others have been travelling a fair bit this year, Denmark, Milan, Holland, Greece to mention a few, where’s the best place you’ve painted and why?

Yes, we travelled a lot this year , both in Italy and in Europe. We have been in Denmark, Greece and Holland as you said, and in Belgium, in England and in French too. I would say that it doesn’t matter the place, I think that the most important thing is the good company, If you’re with your family even the wall under your house can become the best jam of the year!!!





Where is next on the agenda?

For now we don’t have anything confirmed on our agenda, we are waiting the results of the “Write4Gold” final phase and is almost sure that we will participate to the “Amazing Day” and “True Skills”, two of the best graffiti jams in Italy. Hope that on the springtime will arrive the European invitations too.





Who are you rating at the moment?

For us the best writer of the moment is Sague (or Sawe lesk) from Spain. He’s too young but well-considered by many writers as a genius and we’re totally agree with that.





Legal’s or illegal’s? and why?

We prefer to paint legally, because we like to think on our pieces, find a good balance between the pieces, the characters and the background and for do this we need more time. It has nothing to do with an individual piece but is to realize a good collective work.




How do you feel about the divide between legal writers and illegal writers?

I don’t love the classifications, in my opinion there is no division between legal and illegal writers, for me there are good writers and mediocre writers.



Any big plans for the future? What has 2012 got to offer with you and the WildBoys?

Our principal scope for the 2012 is that to find a sponsor, recently we collaborated with Montana cans for two walls, but we hope to find a stable sponsor in the way to produce a lot of a good quality pieces and we hope to travel a lot and to do as much graffiti as possible.


Any shout outs?

I’d like to thank all the people that i meet during these years.


Keyseventeen.com thanks Zeus for his time and wishes him all the best in 2012. Check him out….




3 responses to “Zeus from Wildboys Italy

  1. Nice one! Great job! Damn you got your 1st one out before i did!

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