The Tube


For those of you that missed ‘the tube’ last week it’s actually on at the moment. This week they’re talking about assaults to the staff and what is alarming is the amount of attacks on staff when you’ve got a jumped up prick of a member of the BTP bossing the public around. Seems like some people are lashing out at the wrong people…

*** Update ***

Seems The Tube had a bit more of a deeper thought to think about quite nerving that the amount of people committing suicide can actually go through with it. Seeing someone’s shoe lying on the track was a bit deep to be fair regardless to it being an occupational hazard the tracks have never been too safe so be careful when your decorating any system.

On a lighter note Notting hill Carnival looks fuckin boss! Definitely going to try get myself there some time. Although it seems the old bill typically tried to ruin anyone’s fun that looked slightly street by searching them for knives. Now to be honest no one wants to get stabbed but I can see why a lot of people feel victimised and certainly pissed off by constantly of being accused of carrying a shank.

Listening to the workers on the programme seems they’re all that slightly bit insane. One of the drivers compares the lines as if there his friends that he’d have a beer with stating the Piccadilly line is a mate that you know you can rely on. Also there’s a ticket inspector with some fuckin ace white teeth that I’ve never seen someone so happy to speak to people. The man was like a fuckin ecstasy pill.

Bits n bobs of graff on it caught a Vamp and Flem chrome which I’m noticing more and more I visit London Flem seems to be smashing it.


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