Letters to the council

If your a legal head trying to write a letter to your council for permission granted walls, flake has kindly written out a nice letter which you can basically alter accordingly. A few things in the letter like vibrant pieces so much better than tagging, we all know which is the more fun. But the council love that shit…so try it out you never know.

Contact name:




Re: Request for permission

To whom it may concern,

I represent a small group of professional Urban Artists from Birmingham who regularly produce artwork at several legal art spaces across the midlands. We all enjoy painting for free and creating large murals in bright colours, without negative images, profanity or messages, at these spaces. We always leave the areas in the same, clean state as we find them, always taking away our used paint cans to stop anyone defacing the artwork. Local residents and passersby regularly stop and comment on how the vibrant pieces of work brighten up the area, and how it’s so much better than the ‘tagging’ and scribble that the walls normally have on them. It also stops vandals from attacking your property, bring the look of your premises and surrounding area down. And think of all the time and effort you can save by not having to paint out or clean off graffiti.

I/we would like to ask permission to paint your wall regularly and upkeep the appearance for as long as you so wish. By this we would promise to paint only the area you allow us to, to reply promptly if you have any concerns over the artwork applied to the wall, or if you would no longer want us to use the space we would return it to a blank, single colour without any hassles.

Below are a few samples of other art spaces that we have acquired permission from the owners to use. I can assure that you will be very happy with the difference it will make to your space.

Thanks for your time,

Yours sincerely

Mr Vandal

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