Graffiti for sale

Bert 2322 is selling some of his well collected art collection. Art by artists such as Revok, Roid & Aroe is all up for grabs…

“AroeMSK’s (The) original BBoy canvas. Signed etc. (Size 12″-12″)
AroeMSK’s BBoy prints. Limited edition to 30 in yellow, and 10 in blue. Signed etc.(Size 100cm x 70cm)
AroeMSK’s ‘Mickey with Boombox’ print. Limited edition. Signed etc, and number 1.(Size 100cm x 70cm)
AroeMSK’s original ‘Explosion’ canvases(pair of). Signed one-offs. Will sell separately. (Size 9″-12″)
RevokMSK abstract canvas. Signed etc.(Size 18″ x 6″)

Very reluctant reason for sale, serious collectors only please.

POA – Contact Bert @ for pricing.”







2 responses to “Graffiti for sale

  1. You got nice graffiti artworks 🙂

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