LovePusher Interview

So LovePusher did a nice question and answer with the site SourceSynesthesia here’s a little snippet…

In retrospect when I first started writing, all graffiti resources such as spray paint, markers, film etc were stolen in comparison to now being able to walk into a shop to purchase various brands of spray paint or materials designed specifically for graffiti. In the past the London graffiti scene was an exclusive subculture filled with dare I say it ‘real’ writers who would rack their paint and do trains, track sides, streets and halls of fame. It was a very edgy and dangerous scene as there were high risks involved at every stage, from raising the paint to hitting the train or wall, and that’s not even taking into consideration the physical fights over graffiti beef. Now that graffiti has become more commercialised and mainstream, it’s easily accessible to everyone, which in one sense is great but at the same time sad, as it opens the doors to many people who want to take part and be ‘the man’ or ‘the cool guy’ who does a bit of graffiti and hangs out with writers, but in reality doesn’t actually give a monkey’s about the culture or it’s 40+year history; and this is normally evident in the visual representation of his or her work. In the past you had to make serious sacrifices to be a writer or to do graffiti, whereas now a city worker going through a mid-life crisis wishing he had achieved something with his life, can tomorrow walk into a shop, buy some spray cans and decide that he’s a graffiti artist! I find this just a little bit strange. If I had to describe the modern London graffiti scene I would best describe it as mixing pot of writers, artists and general people all contributing in some way, shape or form to the visual art of the city.

Check the full thing here…




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