STEAM156 in ‘Five of the best’ – (5 questions and five pics)

We would like to show our support for the real graffiti archivers who have been doing their thing long before the recent surge of phoney graffiti photographers hit the scene. The West Midlands seem to have a particular problem with them. This new breed of snappers seem to show little or no respect towards the scene and the people that provide them with their picture opportunities, posting face pictures onto Youtube and other sites after being asked expressly not to, releasing postcode locations of illegal spots, and not having the common decency to ask before they shoot someone. The increased ease at which a photo can be taken and uploaded onto the web has done little good for the scene, even as far as to say it has put certain magazines out of business. We lost one of the UK’s best and favorite graff mags last year due to this. We’re running a series of features that, in our opinion, show our appreciation to the best snappers in the UK, and who we fully endorse. Love them or hate them, the toy snappers will pass by, jumping on the next cool bandwagon, while the hardcore will still be doing their thing 20 years from now. In this feature we let the pictures do all the talking…

Name: Steam156

Location – London 

Places travelled for graffiti pics: UK, Paris, Lyon, Swizterland, Croatia, Prague, Berlin, Eindhoven, Alicante, Barcelona, Milan, Naples, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Athens, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Florida, Miami,

Years of snapping graff – 27 years

Equipment – Canon 5d MK2 – click and shoot and hope for best

Athens greece Athens. Greece.

Soten Soten.

Rome 2012 Rome 2012

 Zagreb croatia 2012 -   minus 12 waiting for the train to pass over the bridge. Zagreb. Croatia 2012 –   minus 12 waiting for the train to pass over the bridge.


Links –

Frank’s new book can be purchased here-

To follow- Datachump, NoLionsInEngland, deleteO8, Lee102(tbc), Graffiti Junkie(tbc).

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