And I grew up looking at swastika’s on walls

Courtesy of Reas

BBC removes Blue Peter episode which shows racist graffiti


The children’s programme Blue Peter has been criticised after it showed graffiti featuring swearing and racist language.

Parents complained after spotting foul language spray-painted on walls, in an item on last Tuesday’s programme.

One of the walls included the phrase “—— JNR” while another featured the phrase “Surprise Nigaz”.

A viewer writing on the BBC’s message-board said: “I was watching Blue Peter on Tuesday this week where they had a graffiti legend on. However when they cut to still photos in the picture it was clearly written ‘surprise nigaz’. Should we be putting such images on a children’s programme? (Are) people not doing their jobs properly and not filtering pictures? Or are they seeing how far they can push it?”

The BBC has subsequently been forced to remove an episode of the flagship children’s show.

David Davies, the Conservative MP who sits on the home affairs select committee said: “I’m horrified that a programme I used to watch as a lad which used to teach you how to make things out of toilet rolls and bits of string is now teaching children about racist and abusive graffiti.

He added: “Why on earth would they want to be doing a programme about graffiti in the first place. It is setting a horrendous example.”

A BBC spokeswoman said: “It was a human error and we apologise for any offence caused. We have taken the episode down from the iPlayer.”

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