Noir ATS interview

A nice follow on interview from Strictly London Bound with Noir ATS.

I was banged up with OKER, BICE, CERES, G MONEY, FAZE, KEMO, SCAN, POINT and HOOVER. Wormword Scrubs is full of murderers, rapist, gang bangers, villains dope smugglers, fraudsters and kiddie fiddlers. Being writers we were respected because we were doing more time than some of the other serious criminals. The prisoners and staff couldn’t believe how long we had got and why we had been sent to prison in the first place. That’s whats wrong with the justice system in Britain. Judges let off burglars, child rapists and Jimmy Saviles of the world but choose to imprison lads that colour in pretty pictures. I bet you will never see Banksy banged up…..god forbid, councils and politicians love his criminal graffiti but anyone else who does it needs locking up.

20130303-022942 PM.jpg

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