Selly Oak

So Selly Oak has been around since the 80’s, graffiti and style has progressed since but Selly Oak sadly didn’t. Made illegal over 5 years ago due to the excess of tags Selly Oak saw a new life a few months ago in the aid of being given permission to paint the park again. Mens FT has kindly in boxed us some flicks of when it stood tall as one of the biggest places to paint in the UK. The request for permission is still pending but hopefully it will be back open soon..

20130704-123055 PM.jpg

20130704-123100 PM.jpg

20130704-123108 PM.jpg

20130704-123115 PM.jpg

20130704-123124 PM.jpg

20130704-123133 PM.jpg

20130704-123141 PM.jpg

20130704-123157 PM.jpg

20130704-123203 PM.jpg

20130704-123208 PM.jpg

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