Timo’s special little hall of fame

So the weekend we caught up with Timo at his particularly great hall of fame. My personal opinion is this is one of the best spots in the UK. Massive two man walls as smooth as glass…

20130828-093956 AM.jpg

20130828-094010 AM.jpg

20130828-094023 AM.jpg

20130828-094036 AM.jpg

20130828-094045 AM.jpg

20130828-094102 AM.jpg

20130828-094110 AM.jpg

20130828-094117 AM.jpg

20130828-094125 AM.jpg

20130828-094134 AM.jpg

20130828-094142 AM.jpg

20130828-094151 AM.jpg

20130828-094158 AM.jpg

20130828-094210 AM.jpg

20130828-094219 AM.jpg

20130828-094229 AM.jpg

20130828-094239 AM.jpg

20130828-094248 AM.jpg

20130828-094300 AM.jpg

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