Locked in a foreign garage…

As your probably aware we visited Barcelona this year. I uploaded the photo on the bottom on Instagram which prompted us receiving an email with more flicks. As you do, when you see a dark tunnel and begin to explore our fellow travelers shut the garage door on us, (only to, though). As I would do, and did do, had drank a considerable amount of beer beforehand and instead of pushing it back open pushed it shut and couldn’t get out. The ‘great’ friends that were with us mocked, took the piss, took photos and went about they’re day. Fortunately as many of you may know, the finest Asian beverage retailers at 2am were out in force and we’re selling us samosas through the shutter.

Anyway we found a way up to apartments, woke up a spanish bloke and he let us out… The End

*EDIT (the other caged man) we scuffled around for an hour in the dark looking for a door, 2 doors wouldn’t open, the release button for the garage door didn’t open, there were no buttons in the lift, a nameless person took a shit in someone’s utility cupboard during this ordeal,after a 3rd door wouldn’t open there was a threat of pushing a moped through the glass front door onto the street, the woken Spanish man threw us out because he couldn’t understand we wanted escorting out. Hence the happy ending.

IMG_2782 IMG_2783 IMG_2784 IMG_2780 IMG_2781 IMG_2394

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