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Merry belated christmas you filthy animals


Sorry to disappoint you

Sorry to disappoint you folks but this is a graff blog, we do like boobs and tattoos though.

#boobs #snapchattits #suicidegirls

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 11.46.26 Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 11.45.29

Tattooed women… Riley Jensen XXX



More SnapChat Screenshots

20131118-021545 pm.jpg

20131118-021554 pm.jpg

20131118-021612 pm.jpg

20131118-021622 pm.jpg

20131118-021631 pm.jpg


Found on twitter…


SnapChat putang screenshots

20131118-021336 pm.jpg

20131118-021346 pm.jpg

20131118-021357 pm.jpg

20131118-021407 pm.jpg

20131118-021416 pm.jpg

20131118-021427 pm.jpg

20131118-021437 pm.jpg

20131118-021452 pm.jpg

Agent X Pretty Lady

This is how all graffiti should be shared, so good! A character painted by man like agent in Australia alongside Dvate with some nice looking female in front of it.

20131105-065830 pm.jpg

20131105-065843 pm.jpg

20131105-065857 pm.jpg

20131105-065909 pm.jpg

20131105-065917 pm.jpg

20131105-065928 pm.jpg

20131105-065936 pm.jpg

20131105-065947 pm.jpg

20131105-065955 pm.jpg