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BBC Asian Network Feat Dubbledge & Dabbla

Same old jokery by the boys at londonzoo 100% worth half an hour of listening…

AllTypeNoFace Party


Get your selves down to a night out hosted by ATNF on the 31.01.13 at The Cow, get yourselves there!

A day at the Bench

If you haven’t been and your around Birmingham get yourselves down to The Bench at the Custard Factory.
They also have a website which you can buy the usual cans, pens and related shit from here.

HQ Leicester

Right then there’s a brand new shop just starting.

Head Quarters in Leicester…
Mans and Womans pon da art like Mono, PomOne, Vents, Ziner, Lewse, Creak, Skank, Deys, Piz, OneNil and RenOne have turned up to paint and decorate HQ (apologies if anyone’s been missed).

If your from the Leicester’s endz Bruv or passing through their manor, make sure you represent and keep business local.

What I will say is if your an unfortunate one that wasn’t old enough when the beginning of rave culture started (me being one of them being roughly 2 or 3) this place has a lot of history with big names leading from this location.

Here’s what HQ have got to say….

The creative hub, known as “HQ”, is located at 38 Charles Street in Leicester City Centre, having taken over the premises formerly occupied by 5HQ (former home of the Formation Record label). The venue contains high quality recording studio facilities, workshop areas, gallery and exhibition space, art supplies, event tickets and much more.

And here’s some exclusive sneak preview flicks of what to expect..

















Also if any bredders wants to land on the opening day here’s the details blud…

The grand opening of HQ will take place on Friday 6th July from 3pm until 8pm and is open to anyone to attend. The event will feature guided tours of the recording studio facilities with performers and producers showcasing their recent projects. As the building is famed for being an integral part of the early rave scene, an art exhibition entitled “Rave Culture”, featuring works from local artists will also be on display in the gallery space.

The beginning of something for Leicester we say check it out and add them on Facebook here

Brap brap, Pow pow, blup blup an all the rest of that ghetto shit…

District FM

Roughly about 8years ago, the days when Drum n Bass smashed the airways on 99.2



At the hare and hounds this should be good ……

20120116-021528 PM.jpg

Mixy – Infamous (Produced by KLIMEKS).mp3 – Hulk Share – Music Distribution Platform

Mixy – Infamous (Produced by KLIMEKS).mp3 – Hulk Share – Music Distribution Platform.